About Us

Why we exist

The Joppa Development and Heritage Corporation formulates and administers plans and programs to promote economic development and community revitalization in Joppa, Maryland.

More fully, we exist to revitalize the historic sites of colonial Joppa and to renew the community integrity and vitality of the waterfront communities developed on historic sites. This includes improvements to the community including the schools, waterfront, boat access, commercial properties, and the development and preservation of the state and county parks and other public areas that are located in our part of Harford County.

What we've accomplished recently

Mariner Point Park

new statue and citizens clearing of invasive vines and planting of native flowers to enhance the beauty of the park. Also work with County to improve maintenance and secured the opening of the restrooms for use to park goers.

Business Relations

secured support for activities planned and compiled list of local businesses.


initiated work with local PTA’s, support for activities at the high school and opened dialogue with new Harford County Superintendent of Schools regarding needs for our schools.


secured the dredging of Taylor’s Creek and the canals around the Island as well as the main boat channel. Lobbied for the County to test water quality throughout the boating and swimming season and to notify our community of the results.


coordinating with State Highways and Harford County for improvements to pedestrian access to the bus stop on Rt. 40. Also working on improvements for pedestrians and bicycles across the bridges on Rt. 40. Lobbying for preservation of wet lands in the State’s plans to add toll lane to I 95 and change the commuter parking.

Library Activities

coordinated with the Joppatowne library staff to coordinate and advertise activities and host programs for volunteer groups.

Clean Streets

secured the cooperation of RIRA manager of the Shore Drive clean up to teach and train other homeowners and groups on how to organize weekly clean up. Weekly cleanups are done along Shore Drive. Annual Cleanups are done in the wooded area between the Post Office and Shore Drive. Brush and shrub cleanup has been performed for last several years and new trees were planted along Shore to replace the ones that fell. Additionally 4 community gardens are tended as part of the effort and community trash cans have been installed along Shore Drive and at the entrance to Gunpowder State Park. These are maintained by volunteers.

Planning and Zoning

members are notified of any impending zoning changes that will impact our area and we have testified at many hearings and development advisory meetings as well as County Council Sessions either in support of change that will favorable impact our area ( such as, the zoning upgrade for the Joppatowne Marina) or against activities that we feel will be detrimental ( such as the Enterprize Zone for Abingdon Business Park) We have also submitted our requests for additions to the Land Use Master Plan, the Parks and Recreation Plan, the Magnolia Overlay District, and the Green Infrastructure Plan . Many of our requests were included in the plans.

Maryland Heritage Area

worked with the Copley Parish Church of the Resurrection to inaugurate their annual Historic Fall Festival which celebrates Joppa as the main sea port in the late 1600 and early 1700s. We have also done photos of many historic sites in the Joppa Area and had them posted on Harford County’s sites. We also support the Friends of Jerusalem Mill for all of their incredible work on that site and all the wonderful activities they organize.

Trails and Greenways

we do biannual clean ups in the Gunpowder State Park that is here in the Joppatowne area and we assist in the clean ups organized by State Parks for the areas of the Park west of Rt.40. We also have organized clean ups with the Ocean Conservancy and in cooperation with the Edgewood group to clean up debris around Mariner Park. We were also asked to cooperate with a University of Maryland graduate studies course on Public Policy and planning for community spaces.


We are working to improve our relationship with local and state officials and keep them informed of our goals and ideas for our community, including a Community Center and improvements in our existing commercial areas. Our elected officials are working with us on these goals.