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(in order of first appearance)

Candidate for House of Delegates (7B)
Medford J. Campbell III

Candidate for State Senate (34)
Christian Miele

Candidates for House of Delegates (34A)
Glen Glass
Steve Johnson
Andre Johnson
Teresa Walter

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(in order of first appearance)

Candidates for Board of Education (A)
Stephen Puopolo
Denise Perry

Candidate for Board of Education (B)
Wade Sewell

Candidates for Harford County Council (A)
David H. Woods
Dion F. Guthrie

Councilman-Elect for Harford County Council (B)
Aaron David Penman

Candidates for President of the County Council
Winifred "Wini" Roche
Patrick Vincenti

Candidate for Harford County Executive
Bob Cassilly